Non-iron refers to materials that do not require ironing on account of their finish. We use special textile finishing processes to treat the fabric in order to achieve optimum wear and care properties.

Crease pattern/durability

AATCC 1x washed – ISO 7768: Target value: 3–3.5
Durability at least 30 wash cycles

Look and feel

Stylish, outstanding shine and soft, flowing feel
(depending on the item)

Care instructions

Washable at 30–60°
Hang to dry from wet
(no ironing generally required, possibly the seams, collar, cuffs)


Our non-iron fabrics are certified according to Oeko-Tex and our company STeP standard.


What we offer

Our materials designated non-iron are finished by means of a special textile finishing process. We draw on the expertise of our competent partner AG Cilander here. To prevent the fabric from creasing when wet or dry, the cellulose chains in a fabric are interlinked using synthetic resins, which restricts how much they can move around and swell up. We apply the demanding and high-precision wet cross-linking process here. The result of this process is a considerably finer surface structure after washing, as the elastic bridge smooths the fabric as if by magic. At the same time, the textiles are protected against wear. This means your customers enjoy a durable product that is both sustainable and attractive.

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