Most non-iron finishes use synthetic resins that release formaldehyde during processing. On request, we offer an environmentally friendly alternative for our innovative materials. Our formaldehyde-free non-iron finish is certified according to Oeko-Tex and STeP.

Crease pattern/durability

AATCC 1x washed – ISO 7768: Target value 2.5– 3.5 (depending on the item)
Durability at least 30 wash cycles

Look and feel

Stylish, outstanding shine and soft, flowing feel
(depending on the item)

Care instructions

Washable at 30–60°
Hang to dry from wet
(may require light ironing depending on the item, possibly the seams, collar, cuffs)


Our formaldehyde-free non-iron fabrics are certified according to Oeko-Tex and STeP.


For us, performance and sustainability go hand in hand

In the past, a formaldehyde-free finish could only keep pace with an easy-care finish.  Our tireless work towards streamlining processes and our passion and curiosity for textile solutions in cooperation with AG Cilander has seen us produce innovation after innovation. One such example is the development of formaldehyde-free non-iron finishes for our shirting materials. We have optimised our processes to such an extent that our formaldehyde-free non-iron finish now stands up to a conventional non-iron finish. The objective was to find a more sustainable solution for non-iron shirts, which could meet the most stringent demands on the performance of the non-iron finish.

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