Easy Care

Easy-care essentially means low-maintenance. Our materials designated easy-care are easy to iron. Our easy-care fabrics can also withstand frequent washing and drying cycles. Thanks to various finishing techniques, they look fresh and in excellent condition after washing. They keep their shape well and dry quickly, and have a beautifully soft and satin-like feel.

Crease pattern/durability

AATCC 1x washed – ISO 7768: Target value: 2.5–3.0
Durability at least 30 wash cycles

Look and feel

Stylish, outstanding shine and soft, flowing feel
(depending on the type of item)

Care instructions

Washable at 30–60°
Hang to dry from wet
(iron on a low setting)


Our low-maintenance fabrics are certified according to Oeko-Tex and our company STeP standard.


What we offer

Our conventional synthetic resin, which makes fabrics easy to care for, is one of our most common finishes and is low in formaldehyde. Of course, we are more than happy to use formaldehyde-free finishing processes upon request. This is becoming more and more relevant in terms of protecting the environment and ensuring fabrics are kind to the skin.

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