Additional effects

Functional finishes provide comfort, a pleasant feel and make the everyday (business) lives of your customers easier. We offer a broad range of fabrics with additional features, which have been developed in-house together with AG Cilander. This means you receive high-quality shirting fabrics from a single source.



Our anti-bacterial finish reduces germ formation and minimises the risk of hypersensitivity and allergies. Our finish also prevents odour formation as a result of sweating. What remains is a fresh feeling that lasts the whole day and improves the wearer's well-being.



Our special anti-smell finish absorbs bad smells and keeps the shirt wearer feeling fresh all day long. A special molecule absorbs the smells and does not release them until the fabric is washed. The anti-smell function lasts until the molecule reaches its full capacity. This property is restored after the fabric has been washed. The process is toxicologically and dermatologically harmless.


Natural stretch

Elastane fibres are usually responsible for the elasticity of fabrics. With our natural stretch finish, we make the cotton fabric itself 100% elastic – without any elastane. Depending on the design, this enables us to achieve an elastic elongation of between 8 and 15%, which ensures optimum freedom of movement. The treated cotton fabrics are then particularly soft to the touch and, thanks to their high elasticity, are extremely comfortable to wear. Our natural stretch finish can also be combined with a non iron finish.


Water repellent PFC free

We have successfully created water repellent fabrics using PFC free chemicals. The water repellent function protects our high-quality shirting fabrics from water marks and light rain. This makes the fabric durable and keeps shirts looking their best for longer.


Soft finish

The soft finish for casual shirts ensures a fine, flowing fabric with a soft feel. This effect is achieved using a tumble passage. The shirting fabrics with a soft finish feel light and particularly soft on the inside.


Washed finish

For the washed finish, we use a special process involving water and heat. This not only gives our fabrics a lightly flowing and soft surface, but also gives them a washed appearance with a "used look". The washed finish can be applied to our casual shirting fabrics.

"Working together with our customers motivates us to provide the best performance and inspires new ideas for innovative and sustainable finishes!"
Petra Jordi – Head of Sales

Airo finish

The airo finish creates a matte vintage look with a washed yet luxurious effect. This process is especially popular for woven fabrics. High-pressure air creates a sublime, soft surface whilst the air circulation makes the fabric supple and vibrant. Fabrics with our airo finish are not only comfortable to wear, but create a sporty look that is guaranteed to impress.


Peach finish

Like the skin of a peach – velvety to the touch. The peach finish is an even more refined process than the brushed process. This is done using an emery with extra-fine needles to roughen the pile of the fabric. This means that the surface is only lightly treated to achieve the desired effect. The result is a beautifully soft, warm feel and a gentle peach sensation on the skin.


Brushed (both side / one side)

The brushed finish gives our shirting fabrics a brushed and slightly fleecy surface. A brushing machine is used to pull up individual threads from the fabric to make it softer and more voluminous. The result is warm and velvety to the touch – which is particularly cosy on cold days.


Dirt protection

Fabrics treated with dirt protection are dirt-repellent, which in turn protects garments from stains. The result is practical, long-lasting shirting fabrics that can withstand any activity to keep looking their best.


Smart cooling

Smart cooling gives our shirting fabrics an extra cooling function that feels smooth and refreshing. This makes them the ideal choice for hot summer days, as the body temperature is reduced by up to one degree Celsius while wearing them, for example from 37 °C to 36 °C.


Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant belongs to the lily family. The valuable sap, which contains over 400 active ingredients, is extracted from the leaf tips. Aloe vera has a moisturising effect, which protects and cares for the skin and improves well-being. By using aloe vera, the skin remains silky and does not dry out. These properties are not only applied to creams and lotions; an aloe vera finish also makes fabrics extremely comfortable to wear and is also particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

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